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BSGAR is committed to being an inclusive and supportive organisation for all members. Please click on the image below (and embedded link) to read BSGAR's statement on sexual misconduct and referenced article. Scroll down to view BSGAR's diversity statement and related information.


BSGAR are delighted to showcase Prof Judy Yee's Richard Farrow Memorial lecutre from BSGAR 2022, titled 'The Need for Diversity in Radiology'.  Please click on the video thumbnail below to watch again.


Clinical Radiology Publication

Click here to view BSGAR's article published in Clinical Radiology "Diversity and equity: a radiology society's effort" (C Chew, R Albazaz, SA Taylor on behalf the BSGAR Committee)

BSGAR's Diversity StatementBSGAR has a diverse membership, reflecting the society we inhabit. BSGAR actively seeks and celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion in all aspects of our work. We believe unique perspectives, experiences, and values add dimension to our research, teaching and clinical practice. Our patient population is diverse, and our society should be as well.

BSGAR makes a firm commitment to strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for all through training and education, respecting differences with awareness of implicit and explicit biases. We advance diversity and inclusion in recruitment and promotion and enforce respect for the dignity of all members of our community including women, members of minority groups and individuals with disabilities.

BSGAR affirms our pledge to: -
•    Promote, advance, and encourage diversity in the speakers and chairpersons we invite to our Annual Educational Conferences
•    Promote, advance, and encourage diversity within our Executive Committee
•    Add a Diversity and Inclusion Charter in our Constitution
•    Appoint a Diversity Champion who will develop and execute our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy

To that end, we will send regular surveys to our members
(1)    to help us understand and better appreciate the diversity and demographics of our members
(2)    to encourage all members to self-nominate / suggest speakers for future Educational Conferences to better serve their needs.

Dr Cindy Chew

BSGAR Standards Officer & Diversity Champion
November 2020

Please see below for pdf of Diversity Statement and results of BSGAR Diversity Survey 2020

BSGAR diversity and equity a radiology society's update. 2023
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