BSGAR Research Bursary

(Please note that the BSGAR Research Bursary is open to UK members only.)

The BSGAR Committee are pleased to invite applications for the Research Bursary Spring 2023. The bursary value is up to £20,000 on this occasion and research projects must be related to the field of GI and abdominal radiology.  Applications should be emailed to, with supporting documentation, before the closing deadline of 31st March 2023 (23:59hrs). Applications should be accompanied by an up-to-date CV for the lead applicant and written agreement of the host department.

Please complete all sections of this application form. You may embed one figure within the project plan, but this should not be used to overcome the word limit.

The value and total numbers of bursaries will be decided at the discretion of the scoring sub-committee.

Queries can be directed to and will be answered as soon as possible. Potential applicants who do not currently work in a research active department, or do not have main supervisor in their department, are encouraged to contact to discuss their project proposals.

How to Apply
The following rules govern the process:

1. We encourage applications from junior BSGAR members. Juniors who have been members for less than one year can apply, providing the main supervisor has been a full BSGAR member for more than one year.

2. The Bursary will be competitive, and applications will be evaluated objectively by a BSGAR sub-committee.

3. Payment will be retrospective and receipts will be required.  Retrospective applications will be considered but only where the costs were incurred within the last 6 months. Projects must be undertaken, reports/presentations complete, and claims submitted within three years of the date of award.

4. The successful applicant will be expected to submit a 500-word report following the project outlining what was achieved, which will be posted on the BSGAR website. A presentation at the annual BSGAR meeting may also be requested.  Awards may be conditional on specific milestones and /or deliverable outcomes, to be determined at the discretion of the Committee.

5. Acknowledgement of BSGAR in any talk, presentation, or publication regarding the project is expected.

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With very best wishes,

Dr Kieran Foley
BSGAR Research Officer

December 2022

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