Mentoring Programme

BSGAR Mentoring Scheme - 2022-23

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BSGAR is pleased to announce its pilot mentoring program in 2021 was successful and will continue the programme into 2022.  It will be run with the help of Academy of Medical Sciences (AoMS) - to view AMS mentor/mentee resources please click here. The aim of this program is to provide a platform for junior BSGAR members / young consultants for career and developmental support, by pairing them with a senior BSGAR member. The program is open to all BSGAR members, but we particularly encourage applications from women and people from under-represented groups.
We also particularly encourage women and people from underrepresented groups to sign up as mentors.  


BSGAR has adopted the AoMS “light touch” approach to mentoring – encouraging the developmental mentoring style, using the “OSCAR” model (information will be provided). Mentor-Mentees could expect to meet once or twice a year. We anticipate the mentoring period to last about a year, but individual pairings may decide to extend beyond this, meeting more or less frequently.

For the pilot scheme we are anticipating 1 mentee to 1 mentor. In the future, mentors can decide on how many mentees they support. Training and resource for both mentors and mentees will be available to ensure a successful mentorship experience. BSGAR will adopt a “no blame divorce” principle – if the relationship is not working for either party, we will be happy to re-match the mentee. Mentors will be gratefully acknowledged by the BSGAR at the AGM annually.

Reasons to mentor
We are certain many of you will enthusiastically sign up to be mentors to our most junior members. For those who need a little more encouragement, here are a few reasons to mentor:
1.    You are supporting a future leader
2.    Those who mentor leaves a legacy
3.    You build networks and become part of the mentoring community
4.    You gain insights into the experiences and issues facing young radiologists today
5.    Mentoring gives you opportunities for self-reflection
6.    You are encouraged to practise solutions-based thinking
7.    You develop your communication and coaching skills

BSGAR Mentoring Scheme - Stages
1.    Call for Mentors.  **Application process now OPEN**Click here to apply. Closes 1st July 2022.
2.    Call for Mentees
3.    Pairing process: BSGAR approach Mentors with Mentee nomination and information; Mentors decide to accept/pass.
4.    Matched Mentor-Mentee notified.
5.    Mentoring Training (virtual) for both mentees and mentors; 6 month meet-up at BSGAR annual meeting. 
6.    Evaluation at the end of 12 months.

Resources  To view a mentoring resources pack from the Academy of Medical Sciences please click here.

Training  A recording of the 2021 training is available for matched mentors and mentees only.  Please click here to view.

BSGAR is grateful to the senior members who have signed up to the Mentoring Scheme as a mentor. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this programme.  Thank you and good luck!  

Click here to view Dr Chew's call for new mentors 2022-23

Best wishes
Dr Cindy Chew
Chair of BSGAR Membership and Diversity Subcommittee


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