Interesting Cases & Poster Presentations

Submissions for Interesting Cases and Abstracts for BSGAR Annual Meeting 2022 will be invited in September 2021.  Please check back for details nearer the time.

Interesting Cases Session and Derrick Martin Prize

The session is one of the annual highlights of the BSGAR meeting, and is usually heavily oversubscribed. The quality of submissions and presentations has always fantastic.  For 2021, we changed the submission requirements to make it more straightforward to submit cases.

•    Slide 1: Cover slide – case title, authors and affiliations
•    Slide 2: Text slide – case synopsis and final diagnosis (250 words maximum)
•    Slide 3: Figures slide – up to 4 annotated images

The Derrick Martin Prize will be awarded for the best interesting case presented by a trainee. The winner will receive a prize of £200 in John Lewis vouchers. The Interesting Cases Session is also open to Consultants, but they are not eligible for the Derrick Martin Prize.

e-Poster Presentations and Prizes
We were delighted with the feedback we received on the poster presentations and scientific session in the past few years so this will continue in 2022.

•    We will accept abstract submissions from both Consultants and trainees, although Consultants are not eligible for the prizes. These might be audit and quality improvement pro-jects, education projects, technical developments, scientific reports or educational exhib-its.
•    Please ensure the type of submission is indicated in the brief description section of the up-load form provided via the link below.
•    Abstracts should be submitted as a Word document and include the Title, Authors and In-stitutions above the body of the abstract.
•    The body of the abstract should not exceed 250 words.  If you are submitting a scientific report, please use the following headings: Background, Methods, Results, Discussion.  
•    Accepted abstracts will be invited to present e-posters at the BSGAR Annual Meeting (full details will be provided after acceptance).

The Clive Bartram Prize will be awarded to the best scientific report by a trainee. The winner will receive a prize of £200 in John Lewis vouchers and will be invited to present orally at the Annual Meeting

The Maria Sheridan Prize will be awarded to the best educational exhibit presented by a trainee. The winner will receive a prize of £200 in John Lewis vouchers.

Please note that successful applicants must register for the meeting prior to final confirmation of acceptance.  Society Membership is not a pre-requisite for submission or acceptance so please forward to colleagues and trainees when the time comes!

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