Virtual Education Session Recordings

Recordings of virtual education sessions will be posted here after the event. They will be available for one week and open to ALL for that duration.  They will be permanently available for BSGAR members on the CPD video library.  To see what's coming up next and return to the main virtual education page - please click here.

Please see below a recording of Session 1 which has been made continually available.

PLEASE NOTE you can also view the cases discussed in this session - click here to view Session 1 Cases. (NB. scroll to bottom of page)

BSGAR Virtual Education. Session 1 - Acute Pancreatitis
This recording will be permanently avaialable as a 'taster' for the virtual education programme. See above for link to cases reviewed in this session.
BSGAR Virtual Education. Session 61 - Jaundice
Speaker: Dr Sharan Wadhwani, Birmingham and Dr Jen Braid, Reading. This recording will be available until Friday 2nd June 2023.
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