Honorary Members:

Prof Derrick Martin

Prof Clive Bartram

Dr Phil Shorvon

Dr Roger Frost

Dr Maria Sheridan

Dr Simon Jackson

Prof Steve Halligan

Past BSGAR Presidents:

Prof Derrick Martin     1998-2002

Dr Phil Shorvon          2002-2004

Dr David Breen           2004-2006

Prof Steve Halligan     2006-2008

Prof Clive Kay             2008-2010

Dr Simon Jackson       2010-2012

Dr Andrea Phillips        2012-2014

Dr Ashley Guthrie        2014-2016

Dr Ashley Roberts       2016-2018

Dr Andy Lowe             2018-2020

Derrick Martin Prize Winners (Best Interesting case):

2015   Dr Olwen Westerland, Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, London   

2016   Dr James Burn, Charing Cross Hospital, London                         

2017   Dr Katharine Hickman, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge       

2018   Dr Elisabeth Hoyles, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals                      

2019   Dr Roxanne Giggens, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford                 

2020   Dr Mohamed Ismail, The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals 

2021   Dr Pia Charters, Musgrove Park Hopsital, Taunton

John Spencer Prize Winner (BSGAR-BSUR 2019):

2019   Dr Pia Charters, Southmead Hospital, Bristol                            

Poster Prize Winners (BSGAR-BSUR 2019):

2019   Dr Maira Hameed, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust           

Clive Bartram Prize Winners (Best Scientific Report)

2020   Dr Anu Obaro, St Mark's, London

2021   Dr Samuel Withey, Guy's and St Thomas', London                                          

Maria Sheridan Prize Winners (Best Educational Exhibit)

2020   Dr Hooria Cheema, University Hospitals Southampton    

2021   Dr Anisha Bhagwanani, University College London Hospital    

BSGAR Travel Bursaries awarded to:

2016 (ESGAR)          Dr James Stephenson – University Hospitals of Leicester     

2016 (ESGAR)          Dr Kieran Foley – University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff        

2016 (RSNA)             Dr Samir Khwaja -  Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge       

2017 (ESGAR)           Dr Anu Obaro - St Mark's Hospital, London                      

2017 (RSNA)              Dr Jaymin Patel - St George's Hospital, London                  

2018 (ECR)                Dr Joshua Bell - St James's Hospital, Leeds, click here for link to exhibit

2018 (ESGAR)            Dr Joshua Shur - St George's Hospital, London                   

2018 (ESGAR)            Dr Peter Brown - St James's Hospital, Leeds                      

2018 (ESGAR)            Dr Joshua Shur - St George's Hospital, London                 

2018 (RSNA)              Dr Gurinder Nandra - St George's Hospital, London            

2019 (ECR)                Dr Samuel Withey - Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, London

2019 (ESGAR)            Dr Catalin Ivan - University Hospitals of Leicester                

2020 (ECR)                 Dr Naomi Sakai - UCL, London                                          

2020 (ECR)                 Dr Suzy Chin - Ninewells Hospital, Dundee                         

2020 (ESGAR)            Dr Anmol Gangi - Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth  

2020 (ESGAR)            Dr Varrun Chillal - University Hospital of Coventry & Warwickshire

BSGAR Education Bursaries awarded to:

2017   Dr Jonathan Lyske - Ulster Hospital, Belfast                         

2018   Dr James Stepenson - University Hospitals of Leicester         

2019   Dr Andy Lowe - Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton                

2019   Dr Sharan Wadhwani - Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

2019   Dr Anirban De - Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham         

2019   Dr Anmol Gangi - Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth   

2020   Dr Ed Godfrey, Cambridge; Dr Jamie Franklin, Bournemouth; Dr James Stephenson, Leicester; Dr Katy Hickman, Cambridge 

BSGAR Sponsored Prize at SRT annual meeting

2016   Dr Rebecca Spruce                                         

2017   Dr Eilidh Bell                                                    

2018   Dr Catherine McConville                                     

2019   Dr Adam Aboalkaz, South Wales, click here to view poster.

Richard Farrow Memorial Lecture Speakers:

2006   Prof Clive Bartram, London                               

2007   Dr Giles Stevenson, Hamilton                           

2008   Dr Angela Levy, Washington                            

2009   Dr Giles Maskell, Truro                                     

2010   Dr Anwar Padhani, London                               

2011   Dr Celso Matos, Brussels                                 

2012   Dr Yves Menu, Paris                                         

2013   Dr Anno Graser, Munich                                   

2014   Prof Derrick Martin, Manchester                       

2015   Dr Giles Maskell, Truro                                     

2017   Prof Steve Halligan, London                             

2018   Dr Peter Rodgers, Leicester                             

2019   Dr John Curtis, Liverpool                                   

2020   Dr Andrea Phillips, Bath       

2021   Prof Clive Kaye, London                             

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