PERFECTS-2 (PERFormance and Evaluation for CT colonography in Symptomatic patients:  A comparison trial of reporting radiographers and subspeciality trainee radiologists undergoing a structured training programme)

This is a multi-arm comparison study, looking at self-selecting; training (interventional arm) of NHS Radiographers and radiologists who are intending to report CTC in daily practice (but not yet been formally trained to do), versus no training (control arm) of already trained and experienced CTC reporting radiologists.  The purpose of the study is to assess the impact of an online CTC interpretation education module, with assessment and structured feedback, on CTC performance amongst training radiographers and radiologists. This study is being undertaken with the National CT Colonography Training and Accreditation Programmes (NCTCTAP) online interpretation training course. The course will be free of charge to anyone accepted on the research study as part of a pump prime funding from HEE London and from St Mark’s Hospital Foundation and 40tude charity funding.

The lead researcher is Professor Stuart Taylor from University College London, with coinvestigators from UCL (Prof Steve Halligan, Prof Sue Mallett) and St Mark’s Hospital (Rachel Baldwin-Cleland, Dr David Burling, Dr Anu Obaro, and Prof Siwan Thomas-Gibson).

Primary objective:
To demonstrate the effect of training on CTC interpretation accuracy of colorectal lesions (≥10mm) typically found in patients with symptoms of colorectal cancer. This will be achieved by measuring the difference in the sensitivity and specificity for clinically important colorectal lesions between the baseline test datasets and the final test datasets.

Key secondary objectives:
1.  After this training can radiographers and trainee radiologists add to the NHS workforce for reporting interpretation of CT colonography for symptomatic patients?
This will be achieved by measuring the:

  • Percentage of radiographers and radiologists who match or exceed performance achieved by experienced radiologists (control arm).
  • Proportion of radiographers with a sensitivity equal to or above the set threshold after the training.

2.  Can readers identify other potentially clinically significant lesions between ≥6mm and <10mm threshold.
3.  Compare the characteristics of radiographers performing well vs. those that do not.

The study opened in July 2023 and is due to close to recruitment in October 2024.

We are looking for NHS radiographers and radiologists who want to learn how to report CTC’s for our interventional arm. We are also seeking consultant radiologist or non-consultant grade radiologist who have independently interpreted >300 CT colonography examinations and are reporting CTC’s as part of their current clinical practice for our control arm.

For more information on the study and how to register an expression of interest please visit: NCTCTAP website

PERFECTS-2 Study Team
c/o Rachel Baldwin-Cleland
Intestinal Imaging Centre
St Mark’s Hospital
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