CTC reporting minimum data set

From NHE Guidance
Bowel cancer screening: guidelines for CTC imaging (Updated 14 October 2019) (Archived 2 Feb 2021)

It is advised that readers check for the most current version.  However, the one below is “in-date” as of July 2021.

17. Minimum data set for CTC report in the BCSP


Buscopan (dose), IV Contrast, Single/Dual/Triple position with gastrograffin/Omnipaque tagging(dose)


Good/Adequate/poor bowel preparation and distension


Summary codes
E1 Normal, anatomic or post surgical variant
E2 Incidental, unimportant /already known
E3 New incompletely characterized finding, (further investigation according to local protocol)
E4 Potentially important new finding, requires further action
E5 Significant new finding identified

Intracolonic findings: suspected/characteristic CANCER


Minimally elevated<3mm
Saddle shaped

Intracolonic findings: suspected/characteristic POLYP


Pedunculated (Ip)                                                    Stalk between polyp and underlying mucosa
Semi-pedunculated (Isp)                                          Broad-based, base narrower than top but no stalk
Sessile (Is)                                                             No stalk - base & top of lesion have same diameter. Height at least 2.5 mm
Flat: slightly elevated (IIa)                                        Height less than 2.5mm
Flat: slightly elevated with depressed centre (IIa/c)    Height less than 2.5mm

Summary codes

Cx Inadequate study    
C1 Normal, benign lesion or 1 to 2 polyps less than or equal to 5mm    
Low risk                             C2 1 to 2 polyps, 6 to 9mm
Intermediate risk                 C3a 3 to 4 polyps, 1 to 9mm
                                         C3b 1 to 2 polyps, at least one polyp greater than or equal to 10mm
                                         C3c Indeterminate stricture
High risk                            C4a 5 or more polyps, smaller than 10mm
                                         C4b 3 or more polyps, at least one polyp greater than or equal to 10mm
C5a Colon mass, characteristic of malignancy    
C5b No tumour additional to colonoscopy findings    

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