The ACCEA has been reformed and its name has now changed to the Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards (ACCIA). The 2022 round of the national Clinical Impact Awards (previously national clinical excellence awards) will open for applications on Wednesday 27 April, with registration for a new online application system opening shortly before.

Part of the change has also been a review of the accepted list of National Nominating Bodies and Specialist Societies, which will all now be termed National Nominating Organisations (NNOs). The ACCIA have reduced the number of recognised NNOs and overall number of ranking places, focusing primarily on those with wider roles in education, training and standard-setting. With the reforms, BSGAR is now NO LONGER an accredited nominating organisation. Therefore, unfortunately we will not be able to support our members with citations.

We have queried this decision with the ACCIA and will provide an update if there is a change to this decision. However, for anyone applying please proceed as above. A list of recognised NNOs can be found on the ACCIA website.

Best wishes,
Raneem Albazaz
BSGAR Secretary

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