BSGAR Digital Educational Content Policy

BSGAR Digital Educational Content Policy (Draft)

This policy describes how and when educational content is shared on the BSGAR website and BSGAR event websites.

Digital educational content is divided into the following categories:

  1. Open digital learning content
  2. BSGAR digital learning content
  3. Digital event content

Open digital learning content: Electronic eLearning material on the BSGAR website.

Digital learning content may include, but is not limited to video, presentations, documents, interactive media, images and text. Content may be accessed by BSGAR members and non-members without limitation. BSGAR has the right to remove digital learning content from the website at any time for any reason.

BSGAR digital learning content: Recorded lectures from previous BSGAR annual meetings and other BSGAR events.

Videos and/or presentations from BSGAR annual meetings and other BSGAR events, which may be delivered face to face, or virtually, may be recorded and made available on the BSGAR website, e.g. through the CPD video library. Content may be accessed by BSGAR members without limitation and may be made available to associate members.

Digital event content: Educational material delivered at a specific BSGAR hybrid or virtual events.

Digital event content refers to education material which may have been delivered as part of a hybrid or virtual event. This will be made available to member and non-member delegates to review for a time-limited period after the event (typically 3 months). After this, the material will be removed, unless consent is provided to migrate these as digital learning content on the BSGAR website.

Our commitments:

  • Recordings and other material will only be made available through the platforms described above. BSGAR will not distribute original material without speaker/author consent.
  • Authors/speakers can request that digital education content be removed from any of BSGAR’s digital educational platforms at any time. We will aim to fulfil these requests within 28 days.
  • BSGAR will not migrate content from one category to another, without speaker consent.

‘Live’ BSGAR digital events

BSGAR recognises that live participation is important to realising the value of some of its educational offerings. Not all virtual events will be available for subsequent viewing, and this will be made clear to prospective and registered delegates.

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