5th Leeds Errors in Radiology Course

Event Date 14th to 15th Mar 2019

Despite years of training, daily vigilance and continued effort, radiologists make mistakes. Due to enthusiastic feedback and high demand this successful, great value and oversubscribed course will be run for the 5th year in Leeds over two days. The course will include lectures from international and national authorities including Professor Gilbert Welsh the acclaimed American speaker and author on the downsides of early cancer detection, and the newly appointed chair of the Royal College Events and Learning Panel (previously READ). 

For further info please click here for pdf of the course details or contact the course organisers below.

Contact: Dr Jonathan Smith and Dr Andrew Koo
Consultant Radiologist

Department of Radiology
Bexley wing, Beckett Street
St. James’s University Hospital
Leeds LS9 7TF
E-mail: jonathan.smith18@nhs.net,

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