BSGAR Committee

BSGAR Committee:

President                  Dr Andy Lowe
President-elect          Professor Stuart Taylor
Secretary                  Dr Raneem Albazaz
Treasurer                  Dr Julian Elford
Research Officer       Dr Andrew Plumb
Audit Officer              Dr James Stephenson
Education Officer      Dr Jamie Franklin
Standards Officer     Dr Cindy Chew
Liaison Officer          Dr Emma Helbren

BSGAR Junior Representative:

Dr Katy Hickman

BSGAR Administrator:

Liz Jones


BSGAR Research Subcommittee:

Dr Arun Gupta
Prof Stuart Taylor


Bowel Cancer Screeing Programme Radiology QA Committee:

Chair: Dr Dominic Blunt

BSGAR Representative: Dr Huw Roach

BSGAR Gastrointestinal FRCR Question Panel Coordinator:

Dr Rob Holmes


National Cancer Registration and Advisory Service (NCRAS) Site Specific Clinical Reference Groups:

Upper GI SSCRG Radiology representative:    Dr Simon Jackson

Colorectal SSCRG Chair: Dr Shaun McGee (Consultant Radiologist)

Colorectal SSCRG Radiology representatives: Professor Gina Brown and Dr Mac Armstrong


ACPGBI Radiology Representative:

Prof Gina Brown


AUGIS Radiology Representative:

Dr Mark Calloway


Joint Advisary Group on GI Endoscopy (JAG):

Dr Nick Carroll