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BSGAR's Organisational Status - membership consultation

Phase 1, 2 & 3 are now complete - thank you for your questions, comments and engagement.

Phase 3 - Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeitng was held on 29th November 2023. The BSGAR membership voted that "BSGAR should change is status from a Mutual Trader to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation".  The Committee are now completing the application to the Charity Commission.

Please click here to read the Minutes of the EGM held on 29th Nov 2023.

The documents listed below were discussed at the EGM and will be updated during the application process.

BSGAR CIO Constitution 14.11.23
BSGAR reviewers comments 14.11.23
BSGAR Rules for Charity Status 14.11.23


Phase 2 - Consultation meetings were held in July and September 2023 - the recording of the July meeting is below for your info.


Phase 1 & 2 correspondence:

BSGAR President and Treasurer's Letter to members - organisational status

BSGAR Organisational status - options summary

Charity Registration Legal Charity Report

BSGAR Organisational status - FAQs (this will be added to as more questions are submitted and answered)

BSGAR Organisational Status - membership meeting (5th July)
A recording of the meeting presentation. If you have any questions please contact [email protected] in the first instance.
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