CTC - Image Interpretation

Event Date 13th to 13th Jan 2018

This course is designed for Advanced Practitioners who have already attended a CT Colonography course or who have completed comprehensive in-house training.

All areas of the large bowel with corresponding pathology will be included. Pathology’s included will include; Tumour, Advanced Adenoma, Diverticular Disease, Lipoma, Stricture, Stoma. All images will be reviewed on Toshiba Vitrea monitors using Vital CT Colonography software.

This is a one day intensive course 8:00am – 5pm (Delegates limited to 6 per course)

Lectures and case reviews by experienced Advanced GI Practitioners.
Course fee: £295 - fee includes lunch and refreshments.

For further details and to register please contact:
Stephen Wilson (stephen.wilson@pbh-tr.nhs.uk) (01733 673525)

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