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BSGAR 2018 - Interesting Case Submissions

If you would like to submit an Interesting Case for BSGAR 2018 then you can upload your case by clicking the 'Submit an Interesting case' at the bottom of this page.

Please see below for further details and criteria:

The Derrick Martin Prize will be awarded for the best interesting case presented by a trainee. The winner will receive a prize of £200 in John Lewis vouchers.

Submissions are now open - we are usually oversubscribed so the importance of early submission cannot be overemphasised! The deadline is 8.1.17. 

The session is one of the highlights of the meeting and is an excellent way to get yourself known by the GI radiology community.

The interesting cases competition is also open to consultants who will be eligible for the separate Interesting Case Prize.

Presentations are 5 minutes long with 1 minute for questions, and are judged on style, content and impact on practice. The best 10 cases submitted will be presented at the meeting but other cases submitted will still be published on the BSGAR website.

Successful candidates will be contacted by email but please note that presentation places will only be confirmed with registration for the conference. We look forward to receiving your entries!

Please submit your case via (click on the button at the bottom of the page).

Please submit as a powerpoint presentation using the following template:
Presenting author email address:
Clinical Information: Brief summary/relevant past medical history
Figures: Selected images with legends
Final diagnosis: Include means of confirming diagnosis Key learning points:
Discussion: Pathophysiology, clinical findings, imaging findings etc.

Edmund Godfrey
BSGAR Education Officer

Jaymin Patel
BSGAR Junior Rep