CTC Publications

Some significant CTC publications are listed here for ease of reference with links or downloads where available. Click on the blue highlighted links to go to the abstract in the relevant journal or to download the paper where available.


  1. Bowel cancer and NHS Screening programme
  2. National/European Guidelines
  3. Meta-analyses and large trials
  4. Bowel preparation
  5. Technique
  6. Reporting
  7. Training
  8. Patient satisfaction

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National/European Guidelines

1) NICE Guidance: IPG129 Computed tomographic colonography

2) Burling D (on behalf of the International Collaboration for CT colonography Standards) CT colonography standards. Clin Radiol 2010; 65: 474–480.

3) Cairns SR, Scholefield JH, Steele RJ et al. Guidelines for colorectal cancer screening and surveillance in moderate and high risk groups (update from 2002). Gut. 2010 May; 59(5): 666-89.

4) Taylor S, Burling D, Patnick J. Guidelines for the use of imaging in the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme second edition. NHSBCSP Publication No 5, 09 November 2012 ISBN: 978-1-84463-090 http://www.cancerscreening.nhs.uk/bowel/publications/nhsbcsp05.pdf

5) Neri E, Halligan S, Hellström M et al. The second ESGAR consensus statement on CT colonography Eur Radiol 2013; 23: 720–729

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Meta-analyses and large trials

1) Pickhardt PJ, Hassan C, Halligan S et al. Colorectal cancer: CT colonography and colonoscopy for detection—systematic review and meta-analysis. Radiology 2011; 259: 393–405.

2) Halligan S, Wooldrage K, Dadswell E et al. Computed tomographic colonography versus barium enema for diagnosis of colorectal cancer or large polyps in symptomatic patients (SIGGAR): a multicentre randomised trial. Lancet 2013; 381: 1185–93.

3) Atkin W, Dadswell E, Wooldrage K et al. Computed tomographic colonography versus colonoscopy for investigation of patients with symptoms suggestive of colorectal cancer (SIGGAR): a multicentre randomised trial. Lancet 2013; 381: 1194–202.

4) Mulhall BP, Veerappan GR, Jackson JL. Meta-analysis: computed tomographic colonography. Ann Intern Med 2005; 142: 635–50.

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Bowel preparation

Bowel preparation and faecal tagging for CTC

1) NHS. Reducing risk of harm from oral bowel cleansing solutions. Rapid Response Report. National Patient Safety Agency.

2) Pollentine A, Mortimer A, McCoubrie P et el. Evaluation of two minimal-preparation regimes for CT colonography: optimising image quality and patient acceptability. British Journal of Radiology 2012; 85: 1085–1092.

3) Chang KJ, Rekhi SS Jr, Anderson SW, Soto JA. Fluid tagging for CT colonography: effectiveness of a 2-hour iodinated oral preparation after incomplete optical colonoscopy. J Comput Assist Tomogr. 2011; 35: 91-95.

Minimal bowel preparation CT Abdomen and Pelvis

4) Day JJ, Freeman AH, Coni NK, Dixon AK. Barium enema or computed tomography for the frail elderly patient? Clin Radiol 1993; 48: 48-51.

5) Domjan J, Blaquiere R, Odurny A. Is minimal preparation computed tomography comparable with barium enema in elderly patients with colonic symptoms? Clin Radiol 1998; 53: 894-8.

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1) Tolan DJM, Armstrong EM, Burling D, Taylor SA. Optimization of CT colonography technique: a practical guide. Clin Radiol 2007; 62: 819-827.

2) Morrin MM, Raptopoulos V. Contrast-Enhanced CT colonography. Semin Ultrasound CT MR. 2001; 22: 420-4.

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1) Liedenbaum MH, Bipat S, Bossuyt PM et al. Evaluation of a standardized CT colonography training program for novice readers. Radiology 2011; 258: 477-487.

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