*NEW* BSGAR Virtual Education

Session 1 is now FULL.  Please do not register as there is waiting list.  A recording of Session 1 will be available on the BSGAR website for a week post event.

BSGAR is delighted to announce the launch of an online teaching programme.  Weekly sessions will be delivered during term time and have been aligned to cover the RCR and ESR curricula for GI/HPB radiology.  At the start of each hour long session there will be a 15-minute talk followed by a review of cases using www.pacsbin.com. Attendees will be able to review these cases before, during and after the session. The sessions will be aimed at post 2B level. If you have the option of a two screen setup you may find it useful.


The programme is open to all, but priority will be given to UK Radiology Registrars.  The sessions are free, and delegates are not required to be BSGAR members.  


The sessions will be arranged in blocks of approximately six topics. Details for each block will be published on the BSGAR website with links to register via Zoom.


Click on the title of the session you would like to attend listed in the programme below and this will take you directly to the registration page.  Places are limited so please only register if you are definitely able to attend. If you are unable to attend a session you have registered for, please contact us at office@bsgar.org as soon as possible.  If you would like to be notified of future events and/or when recordings of sessions are posted on the website please email office@bsgar.org.

Block 1 - Pancreas

Date and Time Session Title with link to registration form  Speaker
23/04/21, 1-2pm Acute Pancreatitis.  *The interactive webinar is now full.*  A recording of the session will be made available for ALL via these pages for a duration of one week post event. Dr Ed Godfrey, Cambridge
30/04/21, 1-2pm Chronic pancreatitis, anatomical variants, embryology, functional imaging *link to follow* Dr Ed Godfrey, Cambridge
07/05/21, 1-2pm PDAC *link to follow* Dr Raneem Albazaz, Leeds
01/05/21, 1-2pm PNETS and other solid lesions *link to follow* Dr Brian Stedman, Southampton
21/05/21, 1-2pm Cysts *link to follow* Dr Jamie Franklin, Bournemouth
28/05/21, 1-2pm Pancreatic surgery including transplantation, post-operative imaging, complications *link to follow* Dr Sara Upponi, Cambridge

After each session

Completion of an online feedback form after the session will generate a certificate of attendance (sent via email). Each session will be recorded and made available on the BSGAR website for 1 week.

for up-to-date notifications or

contact office@bsgar.org and request notifications of registrations and recordings going live.

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